Do you know it

Someone sometimes told me that the incomparable view is my Weltanschauung. And he told me that because he always see everybody concerned about the thinks of the others.
We dont need to interest with others, we only need to see what genuinely matters for us.
And what very matter for us just I roll in the hay, anyone else knows….
Because of it we need to play each day, we need to slack and think in others moments.
I want to recommend for you to see and to train how to import.
Every day we have the shot to choose what we want to be. each day everybody can assign, and what do you choose?This question is important for you to rationalise about.

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Now, I going to talk approximately a cloud that I saw yesterdayIt. was a special defile, because it was dark blue. Do you believe that? I just believe because I saw it hehe.
Do you know racoom?Racoom is like a big rabit, or a big Mus musculus. It is strange, I am panicky to be close to itWhen. I am going to tech I Always see a big thisIt. is so big that looks like a cat, far aside. And suddenly the racoom comes in front of meYestarday. I was at the pool masquerade. It is hot there. I know that in some countries now is cold, but we are golden and we have hotBut. the house was bitty to have a smoker. The pool that I told was a pool buttocks the house, it is a minuscule pool. Tatuape
I want to talk to you approximately it apartment
If want to give a pool Republican Party, you need to have disk space to do it.
And I am consenting to say that, I have na appartment really good shape, it is increadible to give a partyI. don’t want anybody outdoors my bedroom, but clientele can use my room and my balconyMy. balcony it is big, it has a big sofa bed, a big table, it has seat to 20 Cancer. It is ruge or no? I tie in this has a good airspace.

How can I found it?

How can i find the issues to be who we are? have no idea. But it can be thought, because we are very smarts, thank gosh. on day, the things does not occur for a reason. Sometimes it is better for you. I know that is tangled, but we need to find the light Yesterday. I saw a dog, and this dog was tryin to get his own. But this dog was a teaser on his leg that did it be impossibleToday, I believe on me, only on me, because a lot of friends of my, desappointed me, so I have no friends anymore, it looks like sad, but it is trueOn. the school, I had a lot of friends, and these friends kept me uncomparable all the time, nowadays it is bullyng, but on that time it is not authoritarian, it was just frindship. Look how the things today changed.

Curso tcc Our world has a loto f countryes diferente, some countryes are easy, some countryes are poorAnd. people need to live in all them.

Now, I going to talk approximately a cloud that I saw yesterdayIt. was a special cumulus, because it was purplish blue. Do you believe that? I just believe because I saw it hehe.

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Thats over

Thats over, it is a phrase that normally has on the end of the video-game.

Game over, I hope that is happening only in your game, and no in your life.

What do you prefer: the black one or the white one? Depends. Depends for what?

If I am talking about a person or you are talking about a thing?

This question is strange, but it happen.

There is a lot of jobs that a children likes. As a hide.

Do you know what is a hide? I will tell you. Imagine the situation: A person is trying to hide for another person. And she try to hide behind the sofa, behind the wll, behind a tree. Depends the space that the person has. If this person is playing in a house, she has a behaviours different that a person who is playing at a park.

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So, the tree is large. The person can hide behind it. And suddenly the other person try to find her. The second person is asking: where are you?

But the first person needs to be smart. And she needs to keep quiet. Only you breath is making a noise.

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Work hard or hard work

Work hard to have evething in your life my father used to said me.

I worked hard all my life, and today what I have? Nothing.

I only have things thats don’t depend to money. I am healthy, I have an wonderful family.

What more I need? This question has an easy answer. The answer is money.

Money is important to buy clothes, to travel, to pay a hotel, to give presents to friends and family, money it is important for wveryone.

If some one say that money is not important, or this person is lying, or this person is crazy and he or she is trying to trick herself.

For sure money is important. Imagine the situation? your mother is dying, she discovered that she has a very hard disease. And you have a lot of money. What do you will do? I guess you will pay no matter what doctor or hospital to cure your mother.

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Am I right?

Now, imagine that you has a completely inverse situation. You don’t have money, any money. What do you will do?

You will stay crazy trying to get money from friends, family, bank, whatever. And no one will give money to you, because you have no credit…

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Extra extra, what everybody wants

Hi everyone!

Today I am talking about a movie that I saw last year. The movie’s name I wont tell you, you will need to guess.

The history is about a woman that was really poor, but a man liked her.

And this man was rich. It was dificult for her, because her family didn’t accept it. And she was brave to deal with it.

She handled her father, her father was the most furios man of the family. Her father was upset with her, mainly because of her love. Yes, I told the truth, her love.

It was a woman. And because of it all her family was crazy. No one imagined to handled with this kind of situation.

Because his daughter had a boyfriend, and his daughter loved him. So, she descovered that she was lesbian.

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Nowadays it is normal, but her family was a little old, and odd too.

I didn’t was talking about a movie, I was talking about a family, the real life. The true life.

Instead today this kind of situations happens every time, the old families don’t accepts it as a normal habbit.

It is sad, because everyone has the right to be happy.

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