Extra extra, what everybody wants

Hi everyone!

Today I am talking about a movie that I saw last year. The movie’s name I wont tell you, you will need to guess.

The history is about a woman that was really poor, but a man liked her.

And this man was rich. It was dificult for her, because her family didn’t accept it. And she was brave to deal with it.

She handled her father, her father was the most furios man of the family. Her father was upset with her, mainly because of her love. Yes, I told the truth, her love.

It was a woman. And because of it all her family was crazy. No one imagined to handled with this kind of situation.

Because his daughter had a boyfriend, and his daughter loved him. So, she descovered that she was lesbian.

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Nowadays it is normal, but her family was a little old, and odd too.

I didn’t was talking about a movie, I was talking about a family, the real life. The true life.

Instead today this kind of situations happens every time, the old families don’t accepts it as a normal habbit.

It is sad, because everyone has the right to be happy.

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