How can I found it?

How can i find the issues to be who we are? have no idea. But it can be thought, because we are very smarts, thank gosh. on day, the things does not occur for a reason. Sometimes it is better for you. I know that is tangled, but we need to find the light Yesterday. I saw a dog, and this dog was tryin to get his own. But this dog was a teaser on his leg that did it be impossibleToday, I believe on me, only on me, because a lot of friends of my, desappointed me, so I have no friends anymore, it looks like sad, but it is trueOn. the school, I had a lot of friends, and these friends kept me uncomparable all the time, nowadays it is bullyng, but on that time it is not authoritarian, it was just frindship. Look how the things today changed.

Curso tcc Our world has a loto f countryes diferente, some countryes are easy, some countryes are poorAnd. people need to live in all them.

Now, I going to talk approximately a cloud that I saw yesterdayIt. was a special cumulus, because it was purplish blue. Do you believe that? I just believe because I saw it hehe.

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