Thats over

Thats over, it is a phrase that normally has on the end of the video-game.

Game over, I hope that is happening only in your game, and no in your life.

What do you prefer: the black one or the white one? Depends. Depends for what?

If I am talking about a person or you are talking about a thing?

This question is strange, but it happen.

There is a lot of jobs that a children likes. As a hide.

Do you know what is a hide? I will tell you. Imagine the situation: A person is trying to hide for another person. And she try to hide behind the sofa, behind the wll, behind a tree. Depends the space that the person has. If this person is playing in a house, she has a behaviours different that a person who is playing at a park.

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So, the tree is large. The person can hide behind it. And suddenly the other person try to find her. The second person is asking: where are you?

But the first person needs to be smart. And she needs to keep quiet. Only you breath is making a noise.

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