Work hard or hard work

Work hard to have evething in your life my father used to said me.

I worked hard all my life, and today what I have? Nothing.

I only have things thats don’t depend to money. I am healthy, I have an wonderful family.

What more I need? This question has an easy answer. The answer is money.

Money is important to buy clothes, to travel, to pay a hotel, to give presents to friends and family, money it is important for wveryone.

If some one say that money is not important, or this person is lying, or this person is crazy and he or she is trying to trick herself.

For sure money is important. Imagine the situation? your mother is dying, she discovered that she has a very hard disease. And you have a lot of money. What do you will do? I guess you will pay no matter what doctor or hospital to cure your mother.

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Am I right?

Now, imagine that you has a completely inverse situation. You don’t have money, any money. What do you will do?

You will stay crazy trying to get money from friends, family, bank, whatever. And no one will give money to you, because you have no credit…

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